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Portfolio, programme and project management in any organization is best supported through a delivery support officeso that the portfolio, programme and project management team can focus on their core responsibilities.
Based on best practices, P3O brings together a set of principles, processes and techniques that facilitate effective portfolio, programme and project management through enablement, challenge and support structures.


For individuals:

  • Ensure consistent delivery of projects and programmes and meet business objectives through effect use of resources.
  • Develop capability, capacity and risk models to suit the organizational maturity culture.
  • Help identify potential opportunities to be realized, exploited or enhanced as part of risk analysis.
  • Ensure that the strategies and performance requirements of your organization are realized via projects, programmes and operational business units.Improve organizational accountability, decision making, transparency and visibility.

For organizations:

  • Establish, develop and maintain appropriate support structures to facilitate decision making, benefits realization and successful delivery of projects and programmes.
  • Assure that a joined-up set of outcomes and benefits is measured, managed, monitored and refined to ensure that optimal investment and strategic goals are achieved.
  • Deliver strategy, reduce benefits loss and deliver programmes and projectsmore effectively.
  • Provide assurance, coaching and mentoring to build a workforce capable offirst-class programme and project delivery.
  • Protect revenue and spend while enhancing value for money.


  • you are taking a role in a PMO – a PMO team member
  • you are responsible for setting up a new PMO or improving an existing PMO
  • you are responsible for improving the portfolio, programme and project performance in an organization
  • you are a programme or project manager and need to set up a PMO for your programme or project
  • you need to understand the terminology and concepts underpinning a PMO
  • you want to take an active role in any of the PMO offices; i.e. anyone who wants to fulfill one of the management, generic or functional roles described in the P3O guidance


For the Foundation exam a 50 question paper – multiple choice – is to be completed in 40 minutes. 30 Marks are required to pass, i.e. 60%. The exam is closed book. There are no pre-requisites to take the Foundation exam The P3O® Foundation certification does not expire.


  • A professional trainer that is certified in the framework and applies it for our customers
  • The latest version of the handbook Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices
  • A binder including the training materials, a syllabus, and sample exams


The entire program takes 3 full course days, including the foundation exam.

Day 1

  • Introduction to P3O
  • Exercise 1
  • Why have a P3O
  • Exercise 2
  • Designing a P3O model
  • Closing Day 1

Day 2

  • Revision Day 1
  • Designing a P3O model
  • Exercise 3
  • Roles
  • Exercise 4
  • Implementing a P3O
  • Closing Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Revision Day 2
  • Implementing a P3O
  • Exercise 5
  • Operating a P3O
  • Exercise 6
  • Closing
  • Foundation exam


  • There is no pre-course work for this training.
  • There are no pre-requisites for attending this training. Some experience of working on projects is desirable.
  • There is no homework although it is expected that delegates repeat the material covered during a training day so that relevant questions can be asked at the beginning of the next day to ensure maximum benefits of each training day.

“A training that provides guidelines, a process and practical tips on how to set up your PMO. The personal approach and the references made to personal experiences of the trainer are valuable points of this session.”

Hilde De Bondt

PMO Director, Roche Diagnostics Belgium

“The session provided me with a lot of knowledge and a vision to move our PMO into the future. The experienced trainer and the broad overview of what a full P3O implementation can bring to any company make this a strongly recommended training for all involved in project and portfolio management.” Joke Veuchelen

Project Officer Finance, YARA International


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