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Is the customer/business sufficiently involved and engaged in the project? And if so, do these team members understand what is expected from them?
Very often, project work comes on top of the day-to-day activities. This fact makes it even more important that the time of the business team members in projects is used in an optimal way.
No secrets here: the better the involvement of the business, the higher the success rate of a project.



For individuals:

  • Gives you control on your responsibilities as a business representative
  • Gain a general understanding of project management
  • Helps take your projects activities to another level of success and achievement
  • Develops a broad knowledge and understanding of the role of the business team members in any project.

For organizations:

  • Deliver change faster by proactive communication and involvement of the business stakeholders.
  • Works with any established project management approach
  • Achieve better communication and control over projects.
  • Your investment achieves the expected benefits faster thanks to an integrated business change approach in your projects.


  • you are part of a project team and you represent the end users of the project’s output
  • you are looking for guidance on the role of the business representatives in projects
  • you are coaching the business in their project role of Business Ambassador



  • A professional trainer who applies the practices in his day-to-day work – no theoretical approach, but practical examples
  • A binder including the training materials


The entire program takes 1 full course day.

Module 1 – project management overview

  • Introduction
  • Project Management?
  • The project organization – roles and responsibilities
  • The project lifecycle – project phases

Module 2 – Business Ambassador, the role in detail

  • Overall view on the responsibilities
  • The Business Ambassador during each project lifecycle phase
    • Analysis of needs
    • Reviewing and testing
    • Planning and estimating
    • Problem solver thinking
    • Communication and reporting
    • Risk management
    • Change ambassador
  • What to remember


  • There is no pre-course work for this training.
  • It is expected that the delegate has some project experience – being part of a project team is sufficient.

Upcoming Business Ambassador events

16 September 2019
€795 (excl. 21% VAT)
Auberge du Pêcheur - Sint-Martens-Latem
by Steven Deneir

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“Although I already followed a number of scrum trainings, the DSDM Atern training was a real eye-opener. It gave a me a lot of extra insights that will surely help me to implement an agile approach and mind-set within a large and complex organization. A must have for agile project managers or agile implementers.”

Geert Lemmens

Head of Agile Implementation, BNP Paribas Fortis


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