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The main purpose to start a project is to deliver an unique end product. Since it is unique, you’ve never worked that way, bringing along a lot of uncertainties about time, cost, scope, quality and benefits, These are translated in risks that might have a negative or positive impact on project objectives.

Risks cannot be avoided completely but we can reduce their impact or probability to materialize.

That is why risk management exists and what this training will support: to raise your chances to success. Meet your business objectives, improve delivery and achieve real value for money.



For individuals:

  • Apply a tried and testing approach to manage uncertainties in your projects
  • A broad understanding of risk management concepts
  • Helps take your projects and working practices to another level of success and achievement
  • Develops an advanced, practical level of knowledge and understanding of risk management and the ability to apply relevant risk management techniques, leading to a higher project success rate.

For organizations:

  • Deliver change faster by managing proactively potential issues.
  • Adopt a tried and tested risk management approach rather than developing and integrating a company-specific risk management process.
  • Works with any established project management approach
  • Achieve better communication and control over projects.
  • Your investment in other project management knowledge yields additional benefits thanks to risk management.


  • you want guidance on how to apply (better) risk management in your projects
  • you need a proactive approach to deal with potential issues
  • you are looking for an effective framework to make informed decisions about risks affecting project objectives



  • A professional trainer who applies the practices in his day-to-day work – no theoretical approach, but practical hands-on
  • A binder including the training materials, case studies and exercises


The entire program takes 1 full course days, including numerous exercises on techniques.

  • Introduction
  • Principles of Risk Management
  • Risk management approach and related management products
  • Risk management approach and related techniques
  • What to remember


  • There is no pre-course work for this training.

Upcoming Risk Management events

Risk Management:

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“Bedankt voor de leerrijke training. Het was zeer aangenaam.
Een absolute meerwaarde dat je je niet beperkt tot de theorie uit het boek.”

Nancy Van Herck

IT Professional


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