There is only 1 blog that I closely follow – really closely. And it is the one of Seth Godin. When reading this one, I did not have any other option but sharing…
Skill vs. talent…
“If you can learn it, it’s a skill.
If it’s important, but innate, it’s a talent.

The thing is, almost everything that matters is a skill. If even one person is able to learn it, if even one person is able to use effort and training to get good at something, it’s a skill.

It’s entirely possible that some skills are easier for talented people to learn. It’s entirely possible you don’t want to expend the energy and dedicate the effort to learn that next skill.

But realizing that it’s a skill is incredibly empowering and opens the door of possibility.

What are you going to learn next?

Project management for sure is a skill.
Learning never stops. Keep reading books, articles, follow training, …
It can only help to improve your project management skills.

What are your next steps?
Can we help you through our training portfolio? You can upscale your PPM skills right here.

Written by Steven Deneir



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