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P_PM   Certified


Looking for a Professional Scrum training, Management 3.0, Large Scaled Scrum (LeSS), Fish! Philosophy, Lean Change, or other agile topics, then please visit the events page of our partner Co-Learning.


More and more organizations have the need for structured project management. Only, a lot of methods and frameworks seem to over-emphasize on documentation, while others lack governance.
Agile Project Management provides the ability to deliver projects in organizations requiring standards, rigor and visibility needed in project management, while at the same time enabling the fast pace, change and empowerment provided by agile.


For individuals:

  • Clarify and be able to tailor different management styles to the situation needed for successful agile projects compared to traditional projects.
  • Actively promote trust and close co-operation between the business and developers and give the business/customer ongoing visibility into what is happening.
  • Combine knowledge of more traditional management methodologies with agile to better adapt to a changing business environment.
  • Improve time-to-market and increase project success rate while simultaneously accelerating results by encouraging stakeholder involvement, feedback and effective controls.

For organizations:

  • Deliver change faster, at a lower cost and with lower risk by continually validating project milestones against business objectives.
  • Complements and works with existing corporate processes such as PRINCE2®, quality and audit processes which improves rigor and visibility needed in project management, leading to a proven track record of successful delivery in a corporate environment.
  • Simply adopt a tried and tested approach rather than developing and integrating a company-specific agile management process.
  • Achieve better communication and control over projects and adapt project plans without disrupting the project budget, timescale and scope/


  • you manage projects and want to be able to apply an agile approach
  • you represent the business/customer/user in project and you want to maximize value for money
  • you are a project office team member and coach and want to provide your project manager with agile support, techniques and approaches.


For the Foundation exam a 60 question paper – multiple choice – is to be completed in 60 minutes. 30 Marks are required to pass, i.e. 50%. The exam is closed book. There are no pre-requisites to take the Foundation exam The Agile PM Foundation certification does not expire.


  • professional trainer that is certified in the method and applies it in his day-to-day work – no theoretical approach, but practical hands-on
  • A binder including the training materialscase studies and exercises, a syllabus, and sample exams


The entire program takes 2 full course days, including the foundation exam.

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Exercise 0 – your agile concerns and issues
  • What is Agile? Why use AgilePM®
  • Philosophy, Principles and Project Variables
  • Exercise – Outline the project
  • Preparing For Success
  • The Process
  • The People
  • Exercise – Identifying the business roles
  • The Products
  • Exercise – Products Strategy
  • Key practices – Prioritisation and Timeboxing

Day 2

  • Exercise – Prioritising Requirements
  • Planning and Control throughout the lifecycle
  • Exercise – Delivery Planning
  • Other practices
  • Exercise – Communication planning
  • Exercise – Identifying risks
  • Foundation Exam


  • There is no pre-course work for this training.
  • There are no pre-requisites for attending this training. Some experience of working on projects is desirable.
  • There is no homework although it is expected that delegates repeat the material covered during a training day so that relevant questions can be asked at the beginning of the next day to ensure maximum benefits of each training day.
Upcoming Agile PM events AgilePM Foundation:
23, 24 March 2020
Best Western Keizershof - Aalst
€ 1250 (excl. 21%VAT)
by Steven Deneir

14, 15 September 2020
Elewijt Center - Elewijt
€ 1250 (excl. 21%VAT)
by Steven Deneir

16, 17 November 2020
Bluepoint - Brussels
€ 1250 (excl. 21%VAT)
by Steven Deneir
or Request a training that fits your needs!
Agile PM Practitioner:
25, 26, 27 March 2020
Best Western Keizershof - Aalst
€ 1500 (excl. 21%VAT)
by Steven Deneir

16, 17, 18 September 2020
Elewijt Center - Elewijt
€ 1500 (excl. 21%VAT)
by Steven Deneir

18, 19, 20 November 2020
Bluepoint - Brussels
€ 1500 (excl. 21%VAT)
by Steven Deneir
or Request a training that fits your needs!

“This AgilePM training is really a mind opener for companies that use or want to use the agile methodologies!”

Jorge Alves Quintela

“Finally a trainer that triggered my mind!”

Jean-Claude De Wael

Senior IT Project Manager, Borealis

“Although I already followed a number of scrum trainings, the DSDM Atern training was a real eye-opener. It gave a me a lot of extra insights that will surely help me to implement an agile approach and mind-set within a large and complex organization. A must have for agile project managers or agile implementers.”

Geert Lemmens

Head of Agile Implementation, BNP Paribas Fortis

Heel veel zaken hebben me enorm geholpen in mijn project.
De business heeft MoSCoW toegepast waardoor veel features uiteindelijk een Won’t have zijn geworden en waardoor de teams nu beter kunnen opleveren nu ze als eerste prioriteit de Must have’s afwerken. Iedereen moet als eerste werk een Must oppikken, dus niemand kan nog kiezen wat hij of zij het gemakkelijkste vindt; en dat was vroeger wel het geval waardoor de moeilijkere taken bleven liggen. Het systeem zet ze aan tot pairen, met verbluffende resultaten als gevolg!

Dean Bodart

Test Coordinator - Agile PM

“Bedankt voor de leerrijke training. Het was zeer aangenaam.
Een absolute meerwaarde dat je je niet beperkt tot de theorie uit het boek.”

Nancy Van Herck

IT Professional